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How to Create Account on SFR Mail (France Email Service)

Bonjour! Are you a true fan of sfr mail and looking forward to signing up for an email service well now you can do both and get the best out of it by signing up for SFR MAIL. SFR is one of the most popular emailing services in all of France and is being used by many people out there. Over the years sfr has become a trademark french emailing service of Hotmail.

Along with all the sweet messaging and business services sfr also offers its users services that aren’t normally expected with a mailing website. SFR quite popular in France and almost all of the population there is using its services. Along with emailing sfr also provides its users with mobile and DTH related services which make it one of the most unique emails and platforms ever.

Over the years people have been using it to get great service along with quality internet messaging. The website also offers users with regular news updates, movie reviews Along with sports, and much more. This is something that people don’t normally expect from emailing services but a safer provides them anyways.

Create Account on SFR Mail

About SFR Emailing

SFR is the most popular internet emailing website in France. Other than emailing SFR is dedicated to the general likeness of telecommunications. Sfr is a company that provides all its uses with voice, telecommunications internet as well as email services for cheap and affordable prices. along with the DTH. As of December 2015, it has 21.9 million customers in Metropolitan France for mobile services and provides 6.35 million households with high-speed internet access. SFR Is partnered by Vodafone you are quite popular worldwide and have been providing internet and telecom services to the people for quite some time. SFR’s Services are somewhat unique as no one out there provides services even remotely similar to them.

Features of SFR Emailing

When you sign up for SFR email you get tons of services for absolutely free of cost which comes along with it. Many French people like to support the local businesses thus SFR is on top of the list while selecting an email client for there necessary needs. Here are the amazing features that one is entitled to when they sign up for their services –

  • SFR email provides people with services like the ability to buy movie tickets and many other utilities.
  • SFR has high storage space which makes it easier for you to keep all your data stored online.
  • People can easily sign up for their services even if they don’t have an internet connection from SFR.
  • We also recommend you to try out other professional emailing services like Gmail & Etc.

How to Sign up For SFR Email Account

If you are wondering how you could sign up for its services then don’t worry. Here are the steps to get your hands on an SFR email account –

  • Firstly open up the browser on your device with email.
  • Now enter this link –
  • Click on the signup button.
  • If you don’t understand french then you would be better off enabling translate.
  • Enter the correct details and you are good to go.